MBPS Collection of Oddities

The Santa Fe Mirror
We acquired the Santa Fe Mirror from Chris Crawford and family after investigation of their home due to shadow figures and nightmare which the pin pointed the source being the mirror which was housed in the shed which had a sorted past. You can view the series below


 This is a doll named Shannon. Shannon came from a yard sale in Macon, Georgia of a medium that had recently passed away. The buyer was told after getting the doll that this medium would hold a seance and attach the lost spirits to the dolls. It was said only good spirits would be placed in the dolls. Shannon is supposedly a 10 year old that was killed in a freak ski accident. The owner said that ever since they got it things have gotten weird, items moving, lights flickering, kids laughing and orbs in their living room etc. It has not hurt them by any means but they would just rather get it out of the house for the kids sake.  
Vaewolf Lyla's Necklace

The entity connected to this necklace is a vaewolf. Vaewolves are a hybrid species of vampire and werewolf (Lycan). They can transform into a wolf at any given time, can survive on blood, or real food. However, blood is a nourishment they must have to remain strong in their abilities. They have super strength that no mere ordinary vampire or werewolf has. They are are fast, strong, and immortal beings. They have all the combined powers that their parenting species have, but it is magnified. They are protectors of their keeper and have abilities such as compulsion, mind reading, lucid dreaming, telepathic abilities, and strength.

Lycan's manifests as orbs, streaks of light, audible sounds, night and day visions, dream walking, and lucid dreaming.


 Mysterious Battle-Axe
 This Mysterious Axe was found in the backyard at the Green house. It was found in a deep hole that had been the where the truck of a large fallen oak tree once stood. The tree had fallen during a storm and after a few years we moved in and chopped in up after Hurricane Ike. Fast forward 4 years after that clean up when our boys un-earthered this mysterious axe deep in the hole. 
We have no knowledge of this items history