About Us

Mysterious Boom Paranormal Society (M.B.P.S.) Exploring the Strange and Unexplained. We are the crew from FirePitTV and Mysterious Boom is where we touch on our paranormal curiosities. 

Huke has always had interests in the Paranormal. He is middle of the road leaning toward skeptic, but he can not dismiss experiences he has had of Shadow Figures, Unexplained Noises, One run in with the Hat Man, and a vivid moment of being lifted out of his body among others. Huke gets vibes, following research Cristi finds that he may be a clairsentient, but he does not feel that is worthy of paranormal proof. 
He is on a mission to find hard evidence and to have a personal experience as proof of the paranormal.
*Songwriter/Builder of fires/Knife enthusiest 
*Pro Wrestling Geek
*Huke and Cristi have been married since 2007
*Huke met Kevin in the Houston music scene
*Huke has attend the same Quaker church all his life 
*M.B.P.S. Founder

Cristi has always been open to the idea that paranormal forces exist, having experienced her toddler son describing a family member that had passed 2 years before he was born followed by him unmistakably quoting something unusual that they were known to say, however she also believes many hoaxes and fakes undermine any true paranormal activities making it an uphill battle to find hard proof.
During Cristi's research of what Huke's ability to sense vibes could mean she discovered that she has many traits that drastically resemble those of an empath, never realizing that this was something that existed she did not realize that she may have been having prior experiences... in hindsight she recalled feeling strange during the Burleson Ghost Tour they did earlier this Summer. Plans to re-review the audio from that night are a possible future endeavor.
With her newly stumbled-upon knowledge that the para-psychological aspect could possibly be affecting her, she plans to be cautiously self aware during their investigations.
*Camera Woman
*Cristi Hates Horror movies
*Cristi refuses to touch a Ouija board
*Cristi is known to cry weekly during nearly every Church service
*M.B.P.S. Founder

Kevin is a self proclaimed skeptic who claims he is more open to the possibility of the paranormal existing since becoming a host of this paranormal based podcast. He has several family members who have had first hand accounts of activities that he is learning may possibly be considered paranormal in nature, Originally the Ghost Bully, he has changed his approach to the paranormal and is now the Ghost Manager.
*Kevin has bullied a Ouija board
*Pro Wrestling Geek
*Kevin works at a location that is rumored to be haunted
*Kevin lives in the hometown of the Black Hope curse haunting which has an eerie similarity to the movie Poltergeist
*M.B.P.S. Founder

Podcaster, Gamer, Alchemist. Some say you never see Kell and Hatman in the same room. Kell is Skeptical of The Paranormal and Pro Wrestling. Host of the Virtually Grown-Ups Podcast about game and geek culture. 

Boom podcaster and field investigator.
Team research Specialist.

~Other Guys you might see~

 J.T. (aka Captain Excitement) 
Bringer of Excitement. 
Not afraid of ghosts, but scared to death of clowns.

Camera Man
Chill Dude
Hates tomatoes