April 30, 2015

Mysterious Boom #16 - Local Legends

Kevin’s Ghost Bully mascot ghost, “Grimer”
Local Legends
We want to get info on the Goatman
Mandy’s Mystery Toilets
The Lady In Red
One Legged Hooker
One sick bear
Pet Leech
What is the Genesis of the stupid challenge?
5 Finger Filet

April 23, 2015

Mysterious Boom #15 – Blue Beam Grove

Strange cat facts?
We discuss the Cryptids of Kevin’s hometown

The Boomers offer a bounty of $25 American Dollars for proof of a Yired Squill

We dig into conspiracies

What is NASA doing with Project Blue Beam? It ain’t Astronauts!!

The steps of Project Blue Beam

Bohemian Grove

MK Ultra

Illuminati and Government mind control via popular entertainment

Joe’s Prison ghost story

April 15, 2015

Mysterious Boom #14 – Ghostbullies


The Booms were very active in Kevin’s town on Saturday
We get calls from a guy named Joe who is pretty freaked out over the Booms

We tried to call Joe…

Kevin spends the night investigating a friends haunted house and goes “Ghost Bully”

We hear an interview Kevin conducts during his night at the haunted house

The mystery of the $2.99 Walgreens brand Big Flats beer

The panel doesn’t buy the Jaime Primak Sullivan and Charlie video

Huke tells a story of an experience that solidified his belief in the paranormal

Joseph P. tells the Demon Baby story

End Song:
BROTIMEGhosts (I Can’t See You)

This week’s Panel

Huke Green
Cristi Green
Kevin Choate
Joseph Panarese

April 02, 2015

Mysterious Boom #13 – The Dan Chase Experience


Dan Chase stops in the visit the Boom
Origins of the Boom
Picking up Vibes
The Haunted mansion in the Cape
The Stoned Ape Theory
The fast progression of technology and our theories
Government conspiracies
the Blue Beam Project: Is NASA trying to simulate the Second Coming?