March 27, 2015

Mysterious Boom #12 –Ouija vs Siri


-The Crosby Boom HQ Pits Kevin’s Ouija Board vs Gregory’s Siri
-Very strange things have been happening at Kevin’s house since he brought home the Ouija

-Kevin Asks Siri if there are any spirits in house house, and the answer is shocking!

-Gregory asks Siri if she is really the soul of Steve Jobs converted to electronics,
-and she is acting very shifty about the whole thing.

-We discuss local Crosby, TX Cryptoids, Yired Squills, Wreakers, and Raods

-Huke theorizes that the Yired Squills are causing the Mysterious Booms in Crosby

-What is a Windigo?

-The Mysterious voice at the Spanish Fork wreck

-Baby Lexi, the “Ghost push baby”

-The benefits of bees

-Huke tried to catch a bee with his bare hands…

End song: Baroness – Take My Bones Away

Bonus: Dusty Rhodes post credits stinger​

March 19, 2015

Mysterious Boom #11 – A Slice of Midnite


This week Gary Hill stops by the Boom
-We talk about Cat Island

-We expose the cat overlord, Major Mittens Thunderpussy McGillicuddy, and his evil intentions

-We call up our favorite pizza joint, Midnite Slice, and talk to Beaux about the

strange things going on there

-We ask Beaux if he has had any creepy deliveries

-Someone stole the Oujia Board off of the wall from Midnite Slice

-We talk about the burial pods

-Bijou shows up and is surprised and creeped out the Kevin has his Oujia out

-Bijou tells us his Oujia story, which explains his cautions

March 10, 2015

Mysterious Boom #10 – Time Travel


Cristi chickens out of the Bloody Mary challenge
Huke never had mirrors in his room because of Bloody Mary
Picture of the time traveler.
Abraham Lincoln speech kid
The man who goes to the future and videos himself with himself
Huke and his Doppelganger, Chris.
The Pitfalls of time travel
Astral Projection or Ghosts
Death Knocks
Strange graffiti
End Song: Zager and Evans – In The Year 2525

March 06, 2015

Mysterious Boom #09 – Ouija Does It

Famous Ouija stories
Can you get ride of a Ouija Board
James tells a Ouija story
Joseph P. is on the show with some Ouija talk
Kell has some Galveston Hotel creepiness
Is Candy Man Real?
Will Cristi take the Bloody Mary challenge?