February 26, 2015

Mysterious Boom #08 – Storytime With Uncle X

This week we are joined by X from the KISS THE GOAT podcast on Horrorphilia
and he shares a personal timeline of his experiences with particular nasty entity.
 We also discuss the “Baby Push” video posted in the Mysterious Boom Group.
(Note: The person who posted the video has since deleted it, so no link)
Sean Spinks also shares his art of Bart The Zombie Cat For his
Monster Of The Week submission 

February 21, 2015

Mysterious Boom #07 – You Need To Leave

We go over posts to the Mysterious Boom Facebook Group
Jamin’s Mars cat video​​
Baseball Umpire Nut Shot
Woman shoved to ground by ghost
A bad ghost video gets Huke super mad
Joseph Panarese story on the Group page
Jamin’s Italian Alien
The 6 inch tall human remains
Ghost turns out to be homeless guy
Strange things going on in Kevin’s town
Strange creature found in tuna can

February 13, 2015

Mysterious Boom #06 – Dreaming with Zombie Cat

Bart the zombie cat
Dead dog burns down house warns Ouija Board??
Who would you contact via Ouija Board?
Bruce Lee
Dickson’s Story
Hat Man Shadow People
Dreaming With Jeff
Kevins Sleep advice
Huke’s Panic Attacks
Dickson thinks he would dig Purgatory
End Track – Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes – Temescal Canyon

February 05, 2015

Mysterious Boom #05 – Muddy Footprints

 This week we are again joined by Jared and he tells us about a paranormal event from his younger days.
-We start the show with an update regarding the Prince Solms Inn
-We also discuss some general paranormal situations.​